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Please fill out this application completely.  Once you click submit, you will be contacted to set an appointment for an interview.  

If you arrive for the appointment without current (valid) ID and proof of income, then your appointment will have to be rescheduled.

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SBS does not disqualify you for evictions,
bad credit or most felonies.
If you have any active warrants
we cannot help you until
those warrants are cleared. 
Step By Step Transitional Living Association and My 2nd Chance Rental
can be found at:
4150 North 12th Street, Suite A
Phoenix, AZ  85014
(602) 393-4400



SBS is the ONLY not-for-profit social service provider dedicated to offering a complete (one-stop-shop) accountability program(s) to self-sufficiency for individuals and/or families living from paycheck-to-paycheck with either financial challenges, poor credit histories, past evictions, repossessions, substance abuse and non-violent criminal records.

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