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The character of affairs of the corporation is the continuing development of systems and procedures to educate and promote individuals and families suffering from the results of bad credit, addictions, past criminal history or other impairments to becoming financially, mentally and emotionally stable.  Through guided accountabilities, families are empowered to provide structure and security for their children and as individuals, be productive, contributing members of their community.

Housing Is Our Specialty


We reach out to the members of our community who have problems obtaining safe, secure and affordable housing via traditional methods due to problems with credit and/or criminal issues.


Housing Is The Key


Safe, secure & affordable housing is a key element in providing stability to the family.  Without proper shelter, a family can quickly disintegrate into small pieces, destroying what was once a viable, happy, and functioning relationship.


A family that is destroyed has long lasting effects, often trickling down to future generations.  Many times a cycle is started that becomes hard to break.


SBS Housing recognizes that there is a need for an organization that specializes in making sure that safe, secure and affordable housing is available for all people who are looking for a hand up, not a hand out.


We work with people who have an income, but due to credit issues, criminal issues, or for any number of other reasons, they cannot obtain save, secure & affordable housing.

Holistic Approach


There are many reasons that people find themselves in a situation where obtaining safe, secure and affordable housing on their own is unachievable.  The people who we assist in obtaining housing are first assessed in sixteen different categories to determine what follow-up social services will be required to make sure they are successful.


Assessed categories include:


-Substance Abuse


-Adult Education Level

-Child Care

-Children Educational Level

-Contact With Family

-Employment Level

-Family Relations

-Food & Nutrition

-Health Care


-Legal Issues

-Life Skills

-Mental Health

-Physical Health

-Current/Past Housing



SBS is the ONLY not-for-profit social service provider dedicated to offering a complete (one-stop-shop) accountability program(s) to self-sufficiency for individuals and/or families living from paycheck-to-paycheck with either financial challenges, poor credit histories, past evictions, repossessions, substance abuse and non-violent criminal records.

Step By Step Transitional Living Association and My 2nd Chance Rental
can be found at:
4150 North 12th Street, Suite A
Phoenix, AZ  85014
(602) 393-4400

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